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As a NEST Pro, we have the training and expertise to integrate these products into your new Smart Home.


NEST Labs, with it's Apple and Google pedigree, offer innovative products that align with our sustainability efforts.  Springridge Partners chose to work closely with NEST because of several key factors.  NEST was born in 2010 by two Apple engineers who decided to reinvent how we interact with our homes and businesses. Since that time the products have expanded, and it has created a need for professional installers & integrators like ourselves. Unfortunately, we have seen many clients ruin their HVAC systems by not properly installing the thermostat or getting shocked when trying to install smoke detectors. Many other products are compatible with the NEST network, and we have the knowledge to integrate these systems into your home.

Springridge Partners has a commitment to sell the NEST products for the same price that they can on the NEST website.  However, NEST will give consumers extra warranty coverage on some products if they are purchased through a NEST Pro.  The customer gets better warranty coverage through NEST, and NEST gets the peace of mind of working with our engineering staff to be sure their products are applied in the correct manner.  Contact our NEST team today to learn more about this fantastic technology.

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